Isa Delaure

Isa Delaure - French Artist - Cambridge - Oil Paintings

Isabelle Delaure -  French Artist in Cambridge, Massachussetts - Oil Painting

Very early, I decided I would live in an artistic world, I started in France as a hair stylist where I spent days and evening fulfilling my love for this "job", sharing ideas with colleagues, trying and learning how to work with hair, shapes, volumes and color.

Now, my passion for painting started in Benin in Africa after meeting passionate people. Since then I could not stop thinking about painting, but I never dared expressing my emotions. Its in California that I finally decided to paint. I contacted Hana with whom I started to play with colors, shapes.
With her I learned to understand my emotions and translate them in paintings.

Cities! This is where I go and come back full of ideas and energy.

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